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6 Things your homepage can’t “live” without!

6 Things your homepage can’t “live” without!

Some web designers nowadays forget they’re in 2016, and continue to follow the old- fashioned way of homepage design like there’s no tomorrow, now I’m not saying we don’t do that ourselves every once in a while, in fact, this blog is one that we could all benefit from and use the points we think fit best in our branding and marketing “campaign”!

So here are a few main factors that we, as web designers, should keep an eye out for when designing the homepage, be it our own homepage, or be it a homepage for our customers:

 Focus on one point and one point only!

So you have all these different things you really want to put on your homepage, now I’m not saying don’t put them, by all means, go crazy and jot them around the whole place! BUT focus on only one of them, think what your customers are requesting for the most, and enhance that “area” so it’s the first thing people see when they enter your website.

 Branded Keywords

Now for those of you who don’t know the difference between branded keywords and the normal keywords we all use, branded keywords are when you use the names of famous companies and brands in your content as opposed to general keywords.

In fact, we should be focusing on these types of keywords a lot more, however, that doesn’t mean put the word “Microsoft” in every sentence of your blog, (seriously that’s not good), put a good amount of branded keywords, but within reason guys. Focus on more important matters like getting good unique content out there. Remember, search engines have evolved since they were first invented!

Visual centric homepages

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of thousands and thousands of people who much rather prefer watching than reading (putting aside novels and story books because I love those!) This goes for business and marketing fields where people just want the basic information quick and easy, and guess what? Videos and infographics do just that!

Think about it, why is it that websites who “depend” on their videos and infographics are always ranked the highest? I once came across a blog where the blogger had written this fantastic blog post, only it was too long, so she had a nice video at the top of her post with the phrase “If this blog is too long for you to read, watch me read it for you while you multitask.” -or something around these lines, the phrase was actually quite funny (I personally read the blog and loved it), but the point is, people like watching, and as for reading, make cool infographics, make your content fun as well as worth reading!

 Get to the point!

Now that’s actually what I’m trying to do here only I find myself going here and there.

So referring to the previous point I was making earlier, too much text will most likely bore the reader, so make it brief, informative, and funny (if it’s appropriate to do so)!

And again, that’s exactly why visual content is so very important, however, a very long video may also have the opposite effect.

 Seek help

When you talk about your website to anyone, what are the most frequent questions you get asked? List these questions down and include them in your homepage! This will result in a far more informative page that answers everyone’s questions right from the start.

 The “Call to action” …

Yes, the infamous call to action button, should be on every page really. Remember, you want to keep people in not see them out!

After writing the most interesting (or boring) blog ever, give your reader something to do, don’t let them leave! Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what you can put for your call to action:

Check out (the catchy headline of your next blog) right here!

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