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How to deal with criticism

How to deal with criticism


Hello again folks!

You’ve probably read my first blog on how to criticize a website, if you haven’t, you can read it here!

So now that you have an idea on how to correctly criticize a website, you have to face the fact that sometimes it’s going to be your work subjected to the mercy of critiques! How can you handle criticism correctly and use it to your own advantage?

Here are a few things you should discuss and take into account when receiving criticism:


Introduce your work

Present your work instead of just handing it for open criticism, introduce what you have done and the challenges you have faced and what you sought for to overcome these obstacles. 

Accept mistakes

Allow yourself to be wrong, everyone makes mistakes, and there could very well be a big one in your work. Accepting it and finding a solution could save your project and make it much more effective…isn’t that what you want (need)?


Open mindedness 

It’s okay to defend your work, after all you spent a lot of time on it and it only makes sense that you would become protective over its accuracy, but that doesn’t mean that everyone else is wrong. You must accept a critiques opinions and ask why they think something in your work is wrong, or why they don’t like it. What you might see as correct or perfect, could be missing something obvious to everyone else, remember, it isn’t just about appearance, you have to keep in mind the customer’s needs before anything else!


Get answers!

Some critiques are stubborn or they’ve had a bad day, and your work has become their punch bag, but that’s okay, don’t give up on trying to crack em’! Keep asking them questions to draw out a real response, you worked hard and you deserve one!


Back-up your work!

Yes, you should accept that your work is not infallible, but that doesn’t mean that you should just give in to anything and everything your peers say about your project. Back up the aspects you feel strongly about until you get a response that convinces you.

In general, you should always keep in mind that giving and receiving criticism is a beneficial thing, your work may need it to improve, and you will need it to learn and leverage your expertise. But standing by what you believe is great about your work is also critical, it will get you all the answers you need, enhance your work experience and earn you respect for the passion you preserve. Just keep it entertaining and just learn, you’ll come to love it!

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