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“Man, that was one kick ass blog!”

“Man, that was one kick ass blog!”


Hello folks! As promised, here’s our post on how to write a FABULOUS blog!

Ok so remember how I mentioned in my previous post that the majority of visitors go straight to the blog section (if they don’t already have something in mind)? Now how disappointing would it be if a visitor or customer went into your blogs and found that you have written a new blog, couldn’t wait to read it, opened it and …peep… it’s an old one that’s just been updated, or even worse, it’s an utterly boring blog that was simply good for nothing? Well there’s one dissatisfied visitor who most likely won’t give you a second chance. It’s a merciless world we live in, and that’s why you have to give your visitors one awesome blog that will leave them hungry for more, you have to draw them to your site every day waiting for your next post, you HAVE to get more these loyal customers and be ahead of the game! And the only way you can do that… is if you put something unique into your posts, if you add a “dash of magic” let’s say. So with no further ado, let’s give you the secret to blog success!

Step one: First impression-The headline

Yes, the headline. Isn’t that the first thing you see even before you open a blog to read it? A study showed that around 85% of blogs are read because of their title. Let’s say I’m writing a blog on the mistakes people make in web design, instead of having my headline being: Mistakes people make in web design (which is pretty flippin’ boring), I could have it: The most dangerous mistakes committed by web designers! Now I don’t know about you, but I would want to read the second one. So there’s that, a good damn headline is the first step to a kickass blog!

Here are the main points:

•Catchy headline!

•Catchy headline!

•Catchy headline!


Step two: The one after the catchy headline

Ok so the headline got people to check out your post, or rather “lured” them into clicking it, well what’s next?  

The first few lines will get your blog-visitors to read on right to the very end. Now you’re probably stuck here wondering “how will I do that?” Well here’s something that always gets me reading the entire blog: A question. Starting your blog with a question that gets people wondering about the answer, or a question that addresses people’s problems directly, is definitely a great start! When we read blogs, or anything for that matter, we like the feeling of people understanding or going through the same situation as us, then shortly after finding a direct solution that actually solves our problems and thinking, “wow, why didn’t I think of that before?!”  Now how many blogs can we say that about?

When you start your blog with a question, people will want to know what you have to say, they will want to know if you have “the solution” or the answer to that question that they can’t seem to answer. Trust me, it is a GREAT start!

Another thing to make sure you follow is always stick to one point, write down exactly what you want to achieve from your blog and base your content on that, you don’t want your audience getting confused!

Again…The main points:

•Address the main point of your blog through a question.

•Take your time answering the question while giving all the relevant details.

•Focus on one point and one point only.


Step three: funny, friendly or witty

Or all (if you can)! Witty, funny and friendly content is a big clinger. People love laughing, they love friendly people and they adore wit! But can we say the same thing about boring people? I think not. Well the same goes to blogs, when you’re writing a blog, imagine you’re speaking to a friend, be comfortable (not too comfortable though...) be funny and be witty, people love it!

Language is the core of an amazing blog, having a nice friendly content while cracking a few jokes here and there, (and let’s not forget that smart-ass wit!) will have your blog readers browsing all your posts in no time. But beware, don’t go around cracking jokes when you’re not supposed to, that will just be awkward not to mention embarrassing!

So here are our main points:

•Friendly/funny/witty language 

•Make it seem like you’re talking to the reader not to yourself.

•Be careful with the jokes!


Step four: The Aura

Spooky. What is the aura of a blog? 

The aura is the layout and the design of your blog. Some people focus on writing such an awesome content, that they forget about the unconscious mind. You know how sometimes when you’re working so hard you forget where you are exactly, but then a small whiff of food enters your nostrils, and you can’t focus on your work anymore but you don’t know why until you “wake up”??? Well that’s exactly what “the aura” is all about. You’re reading a blog and its content is so cool and great, but you’re still not enjoying it like you’re supposed to be because for some reason, it’s just plain text on a blank background…so make a big splash on your website! put some images or a video! Make it fun to look at not just fun to read! 

Main points!

•Make your blog fun to look at not just fun to read.

•Add images with text inside so even looking at it will be informative.

•Add a video (let’s not forget blogs that contain videos get 94% more views!)

Step five: The finale

Oui it’s the finale folks! 

So you’ve reached the end, it’s sad, and you don’t want people to leave you forever. What should you do? How about having them always coming back for more? Sounds temping right? The good news is that after an awesome headline and a great content it’s fairly easy to have people coming back, but just to make sure, you want to add that extra and final touch… The call to action button! Have them check out another one of your fantastic blogs, give them a free EBook, let them fill in a form for emails on new blogs, give them the first chapter (only the first) of your next post or a book you’re selling…etc. Be creative and people will be like “Man, that was one kickass blog!!!

Need help???

Having trouble writing your own blog? Why not ask us? We can give you some extra great tips or write your blog for you!

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