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Mastering YouTube Posting: Timing, and Strategies in 2023

Mastering YouTube Posting: Timing, and Strategies in 2023

After investing time and energy in creating a video, the next step is sharing it with the world on YouTube. Naturally, you aim to reach the widest audience possible, leading you to ponder: What is the best time to upload it on YouTube?

 This blog aims to provide insights into this query, enabling you to strategically plan your video release schedule. This is particularly crucial as over half of users (54%) consider YouTube instrumental in shaping their buying choices. In this post, we will delve into:

·         When to Upload Your YouTube Videos in 2023:

Determining the optimal day and time to upload content on YouTube in 2023 can be essential, especially if your channel lacks viewer data. To maximize your reach, consider aligning your schedule with the times when most YouTube users are active this year.

Based on insights from a social media trends report, the most favorable days for YouTube posting are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Furthermore, the following time frames are considered ideal for posting content on these days:

Between 6pm and 9pm

Between 3pm and 6pm

Between 12pm and 3pm

These selections are strategic because they coincide with the periods when many viewers have time off from work and school during the weekend. Consequently, they are more likely to engage with YouTube content during these hours.

Remember that it's crucial to closely monitor the performance of your videos as your channel gains traction. Regularly reviewing your analytics will help you refine your posting strategy and continue to grow your audience.

·         Days and Times to Avoid  Posting in 2023

Interested in finding out which days you should steer clear of when it comes to posting on YouTube? As indicated by the same report, the least favorable day for YouTube uploads is Monday. Following that, Tuesday and Wednesday rank as the second and third least favorable days for sharing content on the platform.

These less popular weekdays are particularly relevant, especially if your business caters to consumers (B2C). During these days, your audience likely has demanding commitments such as full-time jobs and school, which can limit the time available for watching extended videos.

The times to avoid posting on YouTube during these days are:

Between 6am and 9am

Between 9pm and 12am

Between 9am and 12pm


·         the Best Time to Post on Your YouTube Channel

Discovering the optimal posting schedule for your YouTube channel can be achieved through your Analytics dashboard. Follow these steps in the ultimate guide to identify the best day and time for posting on your channel:

Access YouTube Studio.

Navigate to Analytics > Audience.

Examine the section labeled "When your viewers are most active."

  • The ideal day for posting on your YouTube channel

The ideal day for posting on your YouTube channel coincides with the day when your audience is most active.

Moreover, the prime time for uploading content on YouTube is approximately two to three hours before your audience reaches its peak activity online. This strategic timing allows YouTube to index your video and display it in subscribers' feeds before they are most active.

Pro Tip: Maintain a consistent posting schedule of one video per week. This routine not only creates predictability for your current subscribers but also offers something to anticipate each week for both your existing and new audience members.


Is Timing Crucial When Uploading Content to YouTube?

In the short term, determining the best time to post on your YouTube channel holds significant importance. Posting when your audience is most active offers several advantages:

1- Your subscribers and new viewers have the opportunity to watch your video within its initial hours of release.

2- You can rapidly accumulate views.

3- When your YouTube video post is optimized for timing, it leads to increased traffic for your channel's content. This, in turn, fosters greater brand visibility, channel growth, and, ultimately, higher conversions and revenue.

However, in the long term, the timing of your uploads becomes less critical and has less impact on the number of views your videos can garner over the coming months or years. Long-term success relies more on effective YouTube SEO strategies.

To optimize your video for relevant keywords, consider the following:

·         Ensure your video appears as a suggested next watch for interested users.

·         Make it discoverable when users search for related keywords.

·         Incorporate these relevant keywords into essential fields, such as the title, description, tags, and captions.


·         Common Queries About Optimal YouTube Posting Times

Now that we've answered some of your burning questions, you might have additional inquiries. Let's dive right into them!


When is the most favorable time to post on YouTube each day?

Suppose you have a particular day in mind for your video releases and you lack sufficient view data to inform your decision. In such cases, you can consider these general trends for the best daily posting times on YouTube:

Mondays: Optimal between 2-4pm EST

Tuesdays: Optimal between 2-4pm EST

Wednesdays: Optimal between 2-4pm EST

Thursdays: Optimal between 12-3pm EST

Fridays: Optimal between 12-3pm EST

Saturdays: Optimal between 9-11am EST

Sundays: Optimal between 9-11am EST


What's the Ideal Posting Frequency for YouTube?

A recommended standard practice is to post content on YouTube at least once a week while maintaining a consistent schedule. This approach typically yields results and ensures steady growth for your channel.

However, the optimal posting frequency can differ depending on your specific niche. It's advisable to keep an eye on your competitors and observe their posting patterns. Analyze whether their posting frequency is contributing to their channel's growth, and consider adapting your strategy accordingly.


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