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Stop viewing your customers as “MONEY”!

Stop viewing your customers as “MONEY”!


Most, if not all, SEO marketers view websites and visitors as one thing…money.

Now that’s actually not the best way to go, after all, it won’t get you that long term relationship you’re seeking with your customers, in fact, the method not caring about your customers’ satisfaction as long as you’re earning money has been referred to as “internet prostitution”! Kind of makes sense if you think about it...

So viewing people solely as money-bringers is actually quite dangerous for your company’s business success as they will immediately abandon your service the moment it, in some way, declines, or the moment they find another company offering a better service or product. Whereas, building friendly relationships and bonding with people, will do the opposite, you will have “cheerleaders” (if you might call them) and people who support and trust you!

So viewing customers as money-bringers is a big NO-NO 

Here are 6 things you can start doing instead to boost your services and improve bonding:

-build a relationship:

As obvious as it might seem, this isn’t always easy, you have to earn that person’s trust and that will take time, so what can you do during the relationship-building-process?

1- Find something you have in common with that customer and begin building your relationship based on that. Now I’m not talking about common music tastes or favourite food, we’re talking about seeking common ground with matters relevant to your company brand. 

2- Help out before being asked to do so, this is the most effective way to earn friendly customers. So help them out with any problems they could be facing with their website, company…etc.

3- When you see a brand that you actually like, share it! Be friendly and talk about how great that product is, why not? 

4- Don’t fight to get every last penny out of that customer, don’t force them to give you maximum returns while they’re left with only minimum returns, this is a horrid way to build relationships and will do you more harm than good because people will abandon your brand the moment you stop providing your best service.

5- Change the way you do outreach, advertising and social media! -Make customers feel like they’re the only focus here, and their happiness is just what you base your services on, as that’s exactly how it should be!

Viewing your customers as friends and building a relationship with them is not difficult with us .

VOILA have social media marketing experts , feel free contact us.

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