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The secret to ranking FIRST on Google’s list!

The secret to ranking FIRST on Google’s list!


Ever wondered why even though you have AMAZING content, you still don’t seem to be ranking well in searches?

Now that’s simply because awesome content isn’t the only think that will rank your website! 

Let me tell you one thing, with a small amount of effort, fantastic and distinctive content is actually fairly easy to accomplish because each and every one of us has a unique method in writing content. So like I mentioned earlier, great content won’t get you ranking high, what about links? What about likes? What about user popularity? You have to give Google a reason to pick YOU.

So what should you be doing different??

The answer is probably not one you’ll see coming, to rank first, you should actually make your content ten times better than the best pages. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “how the heck am I going to do anything close to FIVE times better???” Well I’m not going to sugar coat anything for you, this will take time and patience and quite a lot of work, not necessarily hard work, just a bit of effort on your behalf, so check out how it’s all done in 3 steps…

1-Begin your mission: Perform a search on google (or Bing if you prefer) and check out its top searches.

2-Observe: browse through the top 10 results you find on there, and make note of the following: 

* how have they enhanced user experience and implemented friendly navigation?

*  How good and relevant are their video to the topic? Let’s not forget that pages with videos get 95% more views than those without. 

* How have their designs attracted visitors? 

* What is their content language like? 

* How have they taken advantage of the “call to action” feature?

3-What’s missing: That’s the most important, you have their strengths and you can implement them onto your website, but that will possibly only get you half way, we want to be “better”, so pinpoint their strengths and figure out their weaknesses to fill in those “gaps” in your website!

With this method teamed up with your “unique content”, you have a real shot at ranking, and ranking high! 

 To Be the first of ranking on Google’s list is not impossible with VOILA, feel free to contact us and Learn about our services today! 

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