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What Is A Website Audit? And Why Is It Necessary For Every Business?

What Is A Website Audit? And Why Is It Necessary For Every Business?


The website auditing process includes:

  • Website health and performance

  • Overall Website Functionality

  • Website security

  • Website Traffic

  • User engagement

  • User experience

  • SEO, and more…

In most cases, you'll probably want to pair up with someone with a technical brain for this, and Voila is a great example of a digital agency with over a decade of expertise in delivering comprehensive website audit services, brand positioning, SEO, content marketing, web design, and more…

How Website & SEO Audits Help Your Business Become More Profitable

A website audit is extremely important not only for large enterprises, but also for startups, small and medium-size businesses. An audit is an integral part of creating robust SEO plan. Website and SEO audits allow companies to backout search to discover new revenue opportunities. They also help uncover the most profitable areas of search. As well as how your online presence affects profitability online and offline.

A business that does not run an SEO audit is leaving money on the table. Below are some of the top website audit benefits that you can reap shortly after considering the results of this careful examination:

The Benefits of A Website Audit

Website Health And Performance Optimization

Website audits usually evaluate a site not only for its content, but also for its technical gaps, technical performance and website speed. As a result, an audit will give you a chance to inspect the robustness of your website's technical framework and infrastructure, assess how friendly your website is to search engines, and determine how easy it is for users to navigate and intuitively find content on your website. Additionally, it discovers new opportunities for key performance indicators (KPIs).

Search Engine Optimization

By conducting a website audit, you'll be able to identify any missed SEO opportunities and remedy any misguided or poorly executed SEO pitfalls (e.g. keyword stuffing, exact match anchor text links, etc.) throughout the content of your website. It will also allow you to re-focus your SEO efforts as well as content strategy on users first and search engines second, which boosts your reliability and promotes your chances to earn users’ trust with a content that delivers actual user engagement.

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Conversion rate optimization audits examine how conversions occur or where they are lost. They enable you re-evaluate the effectiveness of your website in terms of lead generation and conversion. They also give you insights on how to convert web traffic and increase leads. As a result, you'll be able to spot any previously overlooked opportunities to convert visitors into leads, add relevant CTAs, as well as identify deficiencies in your landing pages and/or develop strategic ones so you can boost conversions. After all, Conversion Rate Optimization aims to better motivate the desired response from visitors.

Website Security Optimization:

The website security optimization is one of the most important components of a website audit. It identifies vulnerabilities to security breaches and prevents compromising sensitive information of a business or its visitors.

Social Media Presence Optimization:

An active social media presence is important to website traffic. A relevant and targeted social media strategy drives more qualified leads. It also increases visibility and improves engagement. A social media audit analyzes which content channels perform best. Content channels include tools like blogs, video, infographics, and social media platforms.

Competitor Website Optimization:

Auditing a competitor’s website is greatly advantageous for business growth, allowing your business to discover insights and opportunities to implement into your own online strategies.

Negative SEO Audit:

Sometimes competitors engage in SEO tactics that intentionally harm their competition. A negative SEO audit can identify and solve these harmful practices on the website.

Duplicate Content Audit:

Websites that contain duplicate content confuse search engines. This can cause rankings to suffer, and even result in algorithmic penalization. This is a common issue and can be corrected by an expert auditor.

Penalty and Recovery Audit:

Completing a penalty or red flag audit uncovers manually or algorithmically penalizations. These are penalties which have a direct negative effect on search ranking. Identifying these penalties reveals the penalty’s cause, and presents solutions for site recovery.

As you can see, a comprehensive website audit assessing both the content and technical aspects of your website will open up opportunities to drastically improve visibility, traffic security and conversions of your website.

What can a business expect after completing a website audit?

As soon as your website audit is complete, your business receives a summary report including any discrepancies discovered. Our website audit also provides the most effective way to correct them. Regular website audits keep businesses agile and aligned with Google’s best practices.

Website audits are an essential measure to improve the efficiency and visibility of a website. Audits improve Google search ranking while increasing site traffic and performance. A website audit presents a business with an exceptional opportunity for online growth.

What about your website? Need a Professional Website Audit Service?

If you've never before audited your website, it's been a while since you have, or you're planning a website audit / redesign in the near future, get in touch with VOILA today! We will make sure your website is primed for maximum SEO and conversion results.

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