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custom application development services in Dubai and KSA

Cut costs, not quality: Our engineers sync with your in-house teams to uplift your product.
Hire agile teams fluent in your stack. Scale your operation to new heights with custom software development by Voila in Gulf Region, Including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Voila: Your Premier Partner for Innovative Software Development and Strategy

Voila provides startups and fast-moving companies with dedicated teams that craft groundbreaking, flawless, and durable solutions. Rest assured that when your company is following an ambitious path, Voila's software development team can help smooth the way.

We specialize in web application development, application modernization, and digital strategy and planning services. Our in-house experts apply deep technical and strategic expertise to develop solutions that address your organization's most complex challenges.

VOILA has been assisting companies and institutions in enhancing their profits and resolving challenging issues mission-critical software for more than 20 years. We are a custom application and web development firm specializing in web, and data focused solutions. Our extensive knowledge and established design-thinking approach distinguish us as a True partner in application development.

Our team of developer surly love a challenge! The team is eager to always create something new and develop the way Ada Lovelace intended it to be!

Voila developers partner with innovative companies, lending the tech expertise to propel them to new heights and the edge to outpace the competition.

Start from scratch, or grow your team? The choice is yours

We offer two models:

You can engage our team for a specific project or use our experts to augment yours on an ongoing basis. In both cases, our developers operate alongside your in-house team, so they adapt to your routines, whether that means daily standups, code reviews, strategy sessions, or spontaneous chats.with lucrative from start to end.

Option 01 Option 02

Dedicated development teams

Project-based engagement

Our dedicated teams focus completely on you. We help define your goals and provide honest advice about whether going remote is the right option for your organization.

We assemble an engineering team tailored to your desired skill set, designed to blend flawlessly with your in‑house engineers.

Our team takes care of everything, leaving you to focus on what matters: company growth.
Not only can we develop your project from scratch, but we excel at business analysis, technical documentation, prototyping, design, software development, and quality assurance — all while optimizing the cost, timeframe, and scope of the work.

Coding expertise paired with must-have soft skills

It takes a combination of teamwork and technical chops to deliver superior software. Our team comes to the table with both.

Startups and fast-moving, companies alike rely on Voila's development teams to start and scale their product development.

We’ll identify and equip you with a team of developers perfectly suited to your project, ready to work hand-in-glove with your in-house team, using shared tools and methodologies.

Most development projects require a suite of skills, so we assemble a team of engineers handpicked for their expertise in web, QA and testing, UI/UX design, big data, and DevOps.

The VOILA experience

Your shareholders and stake-holders have expectations, so with every project, we carefully construct and follow a roadmap that ensures maximum efficiency.

Get your hands on high-performing, intuitive and secure bespoke software solutions that support business processes and serve your users globally…