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Restaurant Branding & Advertising

Restaurant brands with big appetites for bold ideas and measurable growth

From Brand Strategy ,Concept Development ,Naming ,Visual Identity ,Design Packaging to the Advertising Campaigns ,Brand Activation ,Digital Marketing ,Social Media Marketing and  Website Experience, we are here just for you 

Restaurant Branding & Advertising

From food trucks to global chains, Voila  helps restaurants creating a solid brand identity as a surefire way to help your customers quickly identify your products.

From start to finish. Your vision is our passion,We build, grow and revitalize brands that people love

The restaurant brand strategy should forge a unique experience and invoke positive emotions in the client. The aim of a successful brand strategy should be to build brand loyalty. and that's what we take care of here at Voila , 

From full-service to quick-serve, food trucks to food halls, Voila helps companies craft unforgettable experiences. Restaurant branding expertise has been at our core for over 18 years. Through our proprietary brand concept development process, Voila helps to clearly define a brand’s purpose, providing a firm foundation to better unite teams, partners, and stakeholders. That unity creates an environment where every touchpoint, nuance, and facet of the restaurant’s brand is built with the utmost consideration. The result is an enriched brand experience worth remembering.

At Voila, branding is about more than aesthetics. It’s a strategy-driven endeavor that begets best-in-class brands that quickly gain momentum in the market.


  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Concept Development
  3. Naming
  4. Identity Design
  5. Package Design