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Campaign Strategy

Want to keep your efforts on track and produce desired results?
VOILA Campaign Strategy Service provides a special strategy for your marketing efforts that gives you a good sequence to follow. We tailor the strategy that best suits your business needs and your niche market. Contact our experts to ensure the success of your kickoff.

Campaign Strategy

Only when you understand how change processes work, you will be able to achieve the change you want!
During initial preparation workshops and briefing sessions, VOILA team becomes familiar with our client’s business offering and branding. thus, we utilize unique perspective as an outsider to discern fresh connections between ideas. Contact our marketing strategists to know more...

Service Plans



Account setup, creating contact list, basic campaign setup


Basic + newsletter design and advanced campaign setup


Any required tasks i.e automation, integration, metrics analysis etc
Account setup
Audience development strategy
Contact list development
Audience segmentation
Email template setup
Emails per flow 1 5 10
Analytics & reporting
Revisions 1 3 Unlimited
Email list hygiene
Automation planning
Flow setup 5 15
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Planning a campaign strategy is like building a house. First, you must decide what to build and where; then you lay the foundations, upon which you create the visible structures and work on the details. Let VOILA do the work and build your own marketing campaign strategy NOW!