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5 essentials that should be on every homepage!

5 essentials that should be on every homepage!


Many web managers wonder “what exactly should we put on our homepage?” in fact, at first, we all ask ourselves the same question. And it’s very important to know the answer to this question, because your homepage is actually the first impression of your website. A useless, boring or plain homepage will simply encourage pogo-sticking, which isn’t something you really want.

So we’ve listed down all the methods that compare old homepages to what your “modern homepage” should display in the grid below:

The ancient homepage

The modern homepage

Old homepages displayed everything on the website, this method confused customers and “hid” the section you wanted users to visit the most.

Focuses on just one thing, yes everything is still there, but the general “focus” is on one particular item, be it an offer, a new solution…etc.

Overflowed with keywords, even when not necessary in order to rank higher in searches.

Depends more on branded keywords, as the search engines have developed, it must be acknowledged that too many keywords won’t do you much good anymore, it’s the “content’ that matters now.

Plain text on a plain background: that’s what old homepages were all about, boring with low engagement.

Visual centric homepages: Yes! We all know that with all the tight schedules people have, we all would much rather watch n’ listen than sit n’ read and that’s why websites with a lot of videos or infographics are far more successful and rank much higher than those without.

Remember, pages with a video get 95% more interaction!

Had useless text displayed gracefully on the front page, it did users no good and caused immense pogo-sticking.


Has everything a user will want to read obtained by “asking them what they want to know”. So when you talk about your website to anyone, what are the most frequent questions you get asked? List these questions down and include them in your homepage!


Hidden call to actions: In old homepages, the call to action was hidden deep in some page in the website resulting in less to no interaction.

Lots of call to actions is the new “successful” trend. Having a call to action button at the end of a brief text is fantastic, it gives the user something to do and something to come back to!


Examples of call to actions:

Check out our next blog here!

Download our free EBook

Keep me informed on new updates

Buy our 7-day course for just $.....

(whatever the price is)


So now you know the difference between the two, you can start working on your homepage making it as informative and entertaining as possible, yes entertaining! With visual content as well as written content, you will be achieving higher engagement and interaction!


Make the first impression of your website very different.

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