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5 headline templates proven to work anywhere!

5 headline templates proven to work anywhere!


If you read a lot of blogs, newspaper reports or books in general, you’ll realize that the most important aspect of any written work is the headline/title. Headlines are the “hook” that drive people to buy and read your written work. Does the phrase “The Original Mad Man” or “The Farther of Advertising” ring any bells?

David Ogilvy was the world’s most successful advertiser, a very famous quote of his is this: 

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. -David Ogilvy
So in today’s blog, I am going to list down the top 10 headline templates proved to work anywhere…when used in the right place of course!

1. What NEVER to … (blank) 

(the most opened envelope for Boardroom Reports for 3+ years)

Headlines like this ignite curiosity, “what must I never eat on an Aeroplane???”, this causes the customer to instantly pick up the newspaper and start reading, this is why headlines like this tend to make the front page, they sell.

2. The secret of … (blank)


3. Cliché ads

(The famous John Caples ad)

Headlines that contain an image do well, this is because people like to watch or observe rather than read, it draws attention. If we were to look at the headline itself, you’ll notice it ends with an incomplete sentence, this intrigues the reader, “what happened when he started to play???”. So anyone looking to play the piano, or anyone who already plays it will definitely get curious to find out, and that’s the goal here!


4. Get rid of … (blank) … once and for all!

Most of us click immediately after reading things like “Get rid of acne once and for all”, because it’s a problem a large percentage of the world face. Though most blog posts like these are link bait, a large number of people still click on the page hoping for an answer, so if you’re hoping to use this headline as a template, a great thing would be to actually finish the job with useful and accurate information, it will only get you to the top of all bloggers! 


(just a quick draft to give an example)


5. You won’t believe … (blank)

Another great way to spice up your headlines.

Titles like “You won’t believe what NASA caught on camera!” is another way to drive curiosity and “force” the reader to click or read the news


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