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How Emoji can improve code!

How Emoji can improve code!


Emoji can be a very fun and useful way to spice up your code, TJ VanToll, a web developer, explains in his blog How Emoji Can Improve Your Code—Seriously why emoji worked great for him.

 Because programmers are having to look at an excessively large amount of text while coding, adding emoji can help draw attention to certain selected areas easily, this is proved to be both useful and entertaining!


Using Emoji in comments:

Emojis in comments draw attention and hence, help convey the message while adding a bit of emotion.
Deploying these cool pics in your comments make it more fun and easier to interact with your employees and co-workers, not to mention they make your comment stand out in the crowd. 

Using Emoji in commit messages:

As TJ VanToll explains, commit messages are boring to look at as they are completely made of text. However, when you choose to add Emoji, you can make the process a lot less tedious! Emoji make it much easier for you to find/pick a single comment from the huge stack of others while also drawing attention to certain comments, so this not only breathes life into your work, but also brings advantages to the programmer, you. 

Using Emoji in code:

Emoji serve well in production logs; it makes it much easier to skim than just looking at plain text. 
Here’s an example given by TJ VanToll:
log ("🔑 Authentication successful for user ABC123");
log("☠️ App crashed with exception code DEF456");
log("✉️ Email successfully sent to user GHI789");

Software that support Emoji:

Unfortunately, not all software support Emoji, but most handle them well, Sublime Text Editor for example, supports the use of Emoji though it doesn’t display the icons in “perfect condition”:
Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code text editor and iTerm2 on the other hand display these cool pictures fantastically as you as see here:
Hopefully after reading this blog, you’ll have a good idea on how Emoji can improve your coding and give it that extra boost. 

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