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How the “father of advertising” earned his name…

How the “father of advertising” earned his name…

David Ogilvy is an advertising executive known as “the father of advertising”.

David was the greatest advertiser of his time, every major company wanted his marketing talents…his passion that named him "the most sought-after wizard in today's advertising industry".

People believed the secret of his success was that he pursued smaller and weaker companies and made them stronger with his outstanding advertisement skills. However, that was never the case. David in fact, sought high profile, and widely successful companies that market products with a greater chance of success, companies that sold products most needed and wanted by the public. 

And so, he made it his mission to deploy his advertising abilities to ensure the ultimate success of these products by enhancing their popularity and strengthening their brand everywhere. With that, the risk of failure was considerably reduced and replaced with great advantage and success for these companies, they deserved it. 

David had a strong belief that one’s client is indeed very smart and should never be underestimated. He gave marketers a great advice when he said the phrase “The consumer is not a moron, she’s your wife!”

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