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How to make your video reach the top 10!

How to make your video reach the top 10!


We all know what videos mean in the world of marketing and business. Videos can be a more effective, more productive and a more creative way to market your brand, but unfortunately, only a few videos make it through while the others are left abandoned in the sea of marketing videos.

So you’re probably asking yourselves, “what should my video have in order for it to be successful?”

Well that’s what we’re here to answer! 

After a bit of research and watching some of the best commercial videos of all time, I came up with the following factors that your video could be missing, so stay tuned to gain some cool intel!


Make it funny!

No matter how serious your business is, there’s nothing wrong with adding some extra touches here and there. Don’t be afraid to make your video funny, sarcastic and at the same time informative! 

Take Apple’s “Save time” video for example, Apple used a clever tactic in this video, they recruited people’s beloved Elmo and paired him with another one of your yummy favourite…cookies! 

Smart, yet funny.


Touch their hearts

I don’t know how to express the extent of effect this can have on people. To make a video that touches the hearts of many isn’t easy, but once accomplished, it will never die.

You could be selling anything, it doesn’t matter, there is always a way to make a video that can move the person watching. 

You could be advertising a job position, show how you are all like family, show how you help and support each other through thick and thin, show how relationships that last for a lifetime are built and bound in your organization. You can use music, pictures, and made up characters that you can design yourself, be creative!

Here is one of my all-time favourites videos ever, whenever someone talks of an awesome ad, Guinness’s wheelchair video, straight up, pops into mind: 


Ridiculous yet professional

Sometimes, we come across videos where after watching them, you ask yourself “what on Earth were they thinking???” Now don’t get me wrong, ads like these are winners! 

I’m not talking about the videos that are ridiculously boring, I’m talking about the ones that are ridiculously cool. Samsung’s video “Why?”, depicts this superbly, just watch it and you’ll know what I’m talking about:



Be together, not the same

This is actually the title of Android’s “Rock paper scissors” video that caught the attention of many. 

This video was done using graphics and made-up characters, but it’s the story and the motto that got the video to reach the top 10, again, this video can also be jotted down under “touching hearts”.


Motivational and inspirational

Motivational videos are inspiring and dynamic; they get the adrenaline rushing through your veins! Making your video motivational requires a goal, once you target your goal, find all the elements that set them ablaze! 

The great thing about motivational videos is they can be twisted into just about any of the above video types. You can have heart touching motivational videos, funny motivational videos, ridiculous yet professional motivational videos, and “real” motivational videos like the one I have displayed below for you guys:  

Now for a bit of motivation from me! I picked this last video because it really moved me, it gave me faith just as I hope it gave you. And remember, if you work hard for something, sooner or later you will get it, no matter how long it takes, never give up your dreams!

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