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Rand Fishkin’s FAVOURITE way to get links and social shares!

Rand Fishkin’s FAVOURITE way to get links and social shares!


You’ve all probably heard of the famous Rand Fishkin, the Moz guy who does these AWESOME whiteboard Friday videos? 

Well guess what? He has a personal favorite method to get shares and links on social media!!! Stay tuned to find out just what they are:

Most people like others automatically building links, it’s a very good idea to get people you know to help you with building links to your site: your friends, colleagues, any business connections…etc. however, if you don’t already have people who can help you out, it’s going to be really difficult to pull it off, “UNLESS you do this…”


Number One:

Go out and make a list of people (friends, colleagues) who you would like to help out- now pay attention to what’s being said here: YOU are going to help THEM. So it could be anyone, your colleague, a friend, the person who owns that website you love, any one you like! 


Number Two:

Reach out to them: Tell them how much you admire their work and ask them if there is anything YOU could do to help them promote a particular thing (tweet, link, google+), Make the email brief, and remember you can keep using the same email over again but with slight changes every now and then.


So now you’ve gone out and helped all these people! so next time when YOU want help with anything, you can go to that same list of people and politely ask “hey, I have this… (blog, page, story…etc.) … I want to promote and I would love it if you could give me a hand promoting it!”

 This isn’t an I-gave-you-so-you-give-me type of thing, this is you building, and even making friends. So by offering your support, they will automatically want to help you back, they will want to do anything back to show you their appreciation!!!

I personally love this technique, I think it’s a great way to make friends, help out and get something nice in return! –Way to go Rand!

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