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3 reasons bad websites are ranking higher than you and what you can do to get “back in the game”!

3 reasons bad websites are ranking higher than you and what you can do to get “back in the game”!

Ever wondered why a site with fewer links and poor content is ranking much higher than you are? 

It can be baffling sometimes, until you find out the reasons… 

1-The “magical key”:

Yes, the content of that website is a load of tosh, but THEY are using that magical “key” that you my friend, are ignoring. -The catchy headline!

Compelling headlines draw, or even “lure” people into clicking your link, and that’s a great start, even if your page is ranking right at the bottom, the more people clicking it, the higher you will rank, the more links you will get and the more people you will get exposed to!

2-The brand and domain: 

Maybe that website has “bad” content, too many weak points such as slow navigation and useless tabs, BUT they are selling a hell of a great brand.

Now you’ve probably heard this so many times before but you’re “running away” from the truth: your brand sucks, it’s boring and no one wants to use it.

Now instead of sitting here sulking, a business successor would “find a solution,” now the solution could be to add more enhancements, add offers or even change the brand completely, or you won’t get anywhere. 

The good news is changing the whole brand is never really required, maybe adding a few bits and bobs that make your brand unique is what’s needed here. So say you have a blending machine that’s is just old school, there are so many better ones out there, so what can you do?

-You can sell the product slightly cheaper (sort of an offer?)

-Add an offer (like buy two and get a 50% discount…etc.)

-Add something to it (get two of each of its parts in case one breaks…etc.)

-Life guarantee 

And remember to put these offers on the front page, the description, whatever you can to grab attention. People tend to click on lower ranking results if they find a better marketing brand, so give them a reason to select your product over others!


Keep linking all your new stuff (blogs, offers, content) on all the social media sites to get your name out there. You never know, those weak websites could be that one step ahead of you and therefore ranking higher! You want new people to see your work and services not just the same people because won’t get you anywhere! You also want news sites and blog sites linking back to your “interesting content”. 

Okay so now you know the possibilities of why you are ranking higher than most normal, or less than normal, websites.

Don’t you want to know what else you can do to get you place back??  

1-Advertise your product and content!

There are some people in the world who are interested in knowing more about your product than buying it, so you can do a blog about the product AND an advertisement at the same time for maximum benefit. why not do your product advertisement in the form of a video? Remember, pages with visual content tend to get 99% more interaction than those who follow the traditional text-on-paper method.

2-Provide unique content: 

Even if you have a great page/blog with great snippets…etc. There are 10 other people who are doing or writing similar content, so it will be harder to compete with people doing the same thing as you, let your content address the core problems while giving a great solution, give people something they probably won’t find on other blogs!

3-Responsive design and fast navigation: 

not all websites have these awesome and vital features, and equally so, not many people are going to sit in their cars scrolling about a website to read all its information yet alone wait more than a minute for the page to load! (unless its drop-dead amazing…) 

4-Strong and weak points:

We all have them, even your amazingly outstanding competitors. A good thing to do is find out what they are and use these points to gain maximum advantage!

So there you have it, problems and solutions to ranking high! Be sure to follow if not all, most of them to see a major improvement in your page rankings! For any help or questions be sure to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

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