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Earn rankings “the hard but easy way”-with 9 steps!

Earn rankings “the hard but easy way”-with 9 steps!


Hello folks! 

In today’s blog I’m going to be giving you a few pointers to help you rank a little higher, you could be doing one or two of the things listed, maybe even more, but if you trying doing them all you WILL see a major difference- promise!

I’m actually going to get straight to the point here, you want to earn higher rankings, and we wanna help! (Not for free, you have to like our Facebook page. Not kidding). 

And as the title says “the hard BUT easy way” which means it isn’t hard to earn rankings, it just needs a bit of work! -But what doesn’t??

So with no further ado, let’s dive into a few steps that need to be taken into account for you to see some awesome improvements in your website rankings:

1-Improve your snippet: Altering, adjusting or even completely starting over could make a huge difference, so to say, change the title of your page to make it more compelling, more “absorbing” to lure people into your domain, whatever the bait may be, a blog, an offer, a purchase, just work your magic and make that headline catchy!

2-changing the URL of your page: this is actually a whole different story, change carries risks, so if you have a good URL and you’re just thinking about making it “better”, it really isn’t worth that risk, so now I’ve got you wondering, well when should I change my URLs? I’m actually not going to get into that in this blog post, but to answer your question just check our blog on When do I NEED to change my URLs?  << I haven’t done this blog post yet, but here’s the link: 

3-Change the description of your page: Change your page description to include more keywords, and while you’re at it, try making the content of your description worth the while not just a key-word rich piece of text! Make it as catchy as the headline to lure users into your page. And remember, the keyword-rich ranking trick may work with search engines, but at the end of the day, it’s the users that win the deal. So if you’re ranking high because of all those keywords, but then the content is just boring or useless, you’ll lose that rank of yours…

4-True to your word: misleading links and omitted info are what’s meant here, this will almost always get users bouncing back to the search results thinking “never again!”, pogo sticking can literally wound your page ranking dearly so be very careful. 

5-Improve crawl friendliness: by throwing away or even “recycling” some of your old and useless pages to improve ranking, you can improve the crawl friendliness of your website and at the same time, keep that old work of yours fresh and handy, two birds one stone!

6-Improve speed: here’s how it all goes in the Internet world:

What most people happen to have:

Slow navigation >> pogo-sticking>> lower page ranking. Period.

What we’re aiming for:

Fast navigation >> no pogo-sticking >> satisfied users >> higher page ranking

7-Ask for help: Why not? Ask people who have enjoyed your service to write a feedback. Think about it, how many times have you bought products from eBay or Amazon that have no feedback whatsoever? (Unfortunately I’ve done that once or twice). Feedback is necessary to give your website a reliable reputation and thus, earn you more buyers or customers. A word of notice, even if you only earn one customer, it’s a hell of a great start!

8-The right keywords: Some pages may have high engagement and a high number of visits but may be low on traffic, the reason for this, you’ll find, is they haven’t been targeting the right keywords, which then resulted in less traffic. So having the correct keywords on your page is a key element for ranking high and mighty!

9-Get noticed: Mingle! Talk to people who speak highly of one of your competitors and get some advice from them on how you can improve your service-reputation, this is mostly done on Facebook, even more on Twitter.

We hope you like these simple pointers, now this can’t be done in a few days, it could take you a few months, but when done correctly, you won’t regret it! 

If you have any more you would like to share with us, just let us know! And for any questions please feel free to contact us any time!


Facebook post:

Hello folks!

In today’s post we’re going to give you a few pointers on how you can improve your page ranking without having to write new content or concerning yourselves with content marketing. So stay tuned to find out just how it’s done!

1-This is probably the most obvious one and you’ll see it mentioned in tons of our previous posts, the catchy headline! Make people WANT to click on your link, change the description if you have to, and even the URL can make a difference with Google ranking. Remember, people tend to click on the first page of Google’s search list so your URL can play a major role!

2-Snippets and widgets: You know those small windows on the side of your page that link people to further pages in your website? Well there’s one thing you should always make sure you’re doing…telling the truth! Some websites make their snippets really compelling, so you click on them and …PEEP, it’s a whole different story, this makes people go back and probably avoid your website completely in future, so make sure the title is exactly what your snippet or widget claims to avoid pogo-sticking.

3-Speed: Speed actually benefits you in two different ways, one: Google will rank you higher, and this is actually because of number two, which is: visitors will navigate your website more and stay on it much longer because its fast and easy to use. This gets Google thinking “ah! well people are spending more time on this website and clicking more pages, so it must be good.” Then whad’ya know? You’re ranking higher just because your website has “speed”!

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